Purchasing tax credits to offset a company’s tax liabilities is now common practice. If your company has operations in a state that offers a transferable film tax credit program, you could be taking advantage of film tax credits now and saving your business a substantial amount of money!

As a buyer of film tax credits, you receive a reduction in the actual amount of taxes you pay. Depending on the state, buyers can purchase film tax credits at a discount of 5-15% and still receive the full face value of the credit. Your company can use these credits to reduce current and future tax burden. Some states even offer a carryforward of up to 5 years! Even more, by purchasing state film tax credits, you are supporting the state’s Entertainment Industry and helping to diversify and expand the state’s economy!

Our mission at Film Incentives Group is to maximize the benefit of these film tax credit purchases in the most expedient and intelligent way possible. Because of our extensive knowledge of film tax credit laws, we know the parameters of each state’s program and can make film tax credits work for you and your business.

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