Is your company producing a film, television show or commercial? We could be saving you money now! You may be eligible for film incentives equal to 20% – 40% of your eligible production expenses.

We’re a young, energetic group who pride ourselves in our ability to beat our competitors when it comes to pricing. Let us hunt down the best price for your tax credits, saving you time, money and energy.

Some states offer tax credits that are tradeable while others offer refundable tax credits, rebates or grants. If you’re new to the film incentives industry, a consultation* will clarify. We can offer help in any state.

We know the intricacies of each state’s tax credit program and consult on incentives for production companies that are not familiar with the process. Our consulting services involve working with the film, TV or commercial project through the entire tax credit or incentive process. We do it all, from location selection advantages, application, negotiation with state representatives, budget actualization, audit, issuance, sale and transfer to tax ramifications.

Tax credit laws can vary tremendously per state. In the ever-changing landscape of state programs and requirements, we can take the guesswork out and uncover possibilities that you may have overlooked.

Let us take control of the entire application process so you can focus on your project. A simple consultation will demonstrate the ways in which we can help you right now!

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