Move Over Hollywood - Atlanta is Becoming a Major Film Mecca

Posted on Monday, November 7, 2016

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As the home of major film studios such as MGM, Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios and Warner Brothers, Hollywood has been synonymous with the silver screen since the earliest days of the film industry. However, Hollywood's place at the top may change. More and more studios have been ditching the sound stage and filming on location, and as a result Atlanta is becoming a major film mecca.
According to, there are 37 television shows and movies filming in Georgia beginning this November. That number include major sequels to Jumanji and The Avengers, as well as reboots of 24 and Macguyver. Georgia now ranks 3rd among popular film locations in the US, right behind California and New York (in first and second place, respectively). There are over 3,000 motion picture and television businesses now operating in the state, and 1,957 production-related companies.
If you're wondering why so many productions are moving to Georgia when Hollywood and New York are already established, read on. As stated in The Southern Political Report: "Georgia has one of the best film incentive programs in the country by several measures." Productions receive a 20% tax rebate for filming in the state, with an additional 10% tacked on for including Georgia's "Peach State" logo in the credits. Georgia is one of two states, the other being Kentucky, to offer studios a 30% tax rebate for filming there.
Aside from making financial sense, filming in Georgia is just plain easier. Several executives, directors and produces have stated that getting to and from Hartsfield-Jackson airport in Atlanta is just a lot easier than slogging through throngs of people and traffic at LAX or LaGuardia.
With incredible tax incentives, ease-of-access and a variety of backdrops against which to film, it's no wonder Atlanta's film industry is booming. If you'd like to know more, please feel free to contact us at any time.
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